Are you drinking enough water? Be honest. We know staying hydrated is essential to gorgeous, glowing skin, but how much are we really getting? The good news: maintaining your glow has never been easier with this #beautyfood quencher. A favorite in sun-baked Mexico, agua fresca is a classic sipper for moisturizing your skin from the inside out, and keeping your energy levels up. 

You can use any fruit you like, but here we’ve gone with juicy, refreshing watermelon (which is actually 92% water) for optimum hydration.  In addition, watermelon is high in beautifying amino acids, antioxidants, lycopene and potassium to moisturize and fight premature aging and sun damage.

Make a batch of this for your whole family for a fun way to ensure that everyone is getting their #beautywater in!

Yield: 1 serving (8 ounces)
Time: 5 minutes

4 cups spring water | hydration + beauty minerals
2 cups watermelon, chopped and seeded | fights sun damage + moisturizes skin
1 lime, juiced | vitamin C for collagen building
3 sprigs fresh mint | anti-inflammatory
Stevia, to taste | natural, low glycemic sweetener


  1. Place watermelon and water in a blender and pureé.
  2. Strain solids and discard, or save to add to your next smoothie.
  3. Pour into a pitcher or glass container.
  4. Add lime juice, stevia (if desired), and mint sprigs.
  5. Chill and enjoy!