When life gives you lemons... make chocolate! This can-do spirit of creativity is what inspired Hadara Slok, owner of Rawclates, to step into the kitchen. "I started Rawclates when I was a single mom, just looking to survive. But rather than just finding a second job, I wanted to do something I loved, something that excited me." says Slok. 

Our Om Beauty Kitchen foodies had the pleasure of sampling these chocolates, and it's easy to see why they are the ultimate #beautyfood indulgence! They're 100% organic, raw, gluten-free, dairy & soy free (score one for the vegans in the house!) non-GMO, kosher, and fair trade. Plus, the presentation is stunning with immaculate attention to detail -- all handmade in Brooklyn, NY. 

We enjoyed the refreshing Lemon Blueberry Ganache Truffles with floral green tea & fresh lemon. The genius, combination of flavors inspired us to make this infused beauty ice to keep us hydrated all summer long! 


(Oh! And we can't leave out the Dark Chocolate Lavender & Blueberry Cream Truffles made with fair trade, single origin Equidorian cacao!) "YUM" would be the understatement of the century. 

P.s. If you're hosting a tea party or brunch gathering, spritz the room with an alcohol free Om Aroma & Co. Toning Mist in similar fragrant notes to what's on your menu (we used Lemongrass for this tasting). The olfactory sense is inextricably connected to taste buds -- why not combine the two!?  Not only does it create a nice aromatic ambiance, but also prepares your guest's palette!